Спортсмен, помни! Победа, одержанная с использованием допинга, - победа, одержанная путём обмана, а значит, награды и сопутствующие блага добыты мошенническим, преступным путём у законного победителя.                                                                                  Допинг – обман для спортсмена, уважайте своих соперников и прежде всего себя!                                                                                  Проявляй уважение к сопернику и веди себя достойно!                                                                                  Спортсмен, а ты уверен в препаратах и медикаментах, которые принимаешь? Береги своё здоровье!                                                                                  Помни! Положительной пробой ты испортишь имидж своей команды!                                                                                  От тебя зависит будущее нашего спорта!                                                                                  Увлекаясь каннабиноидами, ты становишься обманщиком и можешь навсегда распрощаться со спортом!                                                                                  Одна положительная проба на наркотические вещества – и твоя репутация как спортсмена рухнет!                                                                                  Победа любой ценой – неправильный девиз, не совершай ошибку!                                                                                  Незнание Всемирного антидопингового кодекса – не освобождает спортсмена и персонал спортсмена от ответственности!                                                                                  Ты принимаешь БАД на свой страх и риск!                                                                                  Только спортсмен несёт ответственность за всё, что попадает в его организм!                                                                                  Юный спортсмен! Хочешь стать настоящим чемпионом? Выбирай чистый и честный спорт!

A Christchurch man sentenced to prison for operating a black-market steroid business has failed to appeal the verdict. Joshua Townshend lived a high-flying lifestyle in a fancy Cashmere house, turning over a more than $300,000 profit each year – until the start of his two-year prison term in September 2016. The 30 year old pleaded guilty and was convicted of 129 offences under the Medicines Act in May. His appeal in the Christchurch High Court in August claimed the two-year sentence, cobbled together from three shorter terms, was "manifestly excessive". Sentencing Judge David Saunders chose "a figure plucked out of the air", rather than referring to maximum penalties outlined in legislation, Townshend's lawyer claimed. High Court Justice David Gendall disagreed: "This is a case where the overall culpability of the offending would not be recognised by concurrent [non-cumulative] sentencing," he said in the recently-released decision.

International federations (IFs) and major event organisers will be able to delegate anti-doping tests to an Independent Testing Authority (ITA) in time for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in February next year, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) told the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Lima. WADA told the IOC that the ITA would be established with ‘full independence, constituted through a new Swiss Foundation’. However, as previously reported by The Sports Integrity Initiative, concerns remain about the ITA’s true independence from the IOC and WADA. The WADA recommendation to the IOC Session mentions that the IOC is the founding body of the ITA and would be responsible for its initial funding. It proposes that the ITA Board should comprise five members:

Russian judoist Madina Taymazova was disqualified at the European Junior Championships in Slovenia because of a mobile phone has fallen out of her kimono. The incident happened during the semifinals of the team tournament, where Russian judoists met with the French team. During the fourth fight the mobile phone has fallen out of Taymazova's kimono, which caused her to be disqualified. At that time Russian athletes lost to the national team of France with the score 1:2. Taymazova's disqualification has brought a decisive third point to the opposing team.
In the competition for the bronze medals, Russian athletes prevailed over the athletes from Italy.
The European Judo Championship U 21 was held in Slovenia, Maribor from 15 to 17 September.

Source: lenta.ru

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European police agency has helped Spain law enforcement agencies to neutralize criminal group which was engaged in trade and distribution of the prohibited medical substances, informs Europol press service. The majority of medications are prohibited medical substances for to use in sport.
Law enforcement authorities have withdrawn 112 types of the prohibited substances, among which there are 4 million doses of anabolic steroids, hormones and etc. The cost of medications is about 650 000 euros. 41 persons have been arrested.

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The National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus (NADA Belarus) conducted OUTREACH Anti-Doping Quiz at the Minsk Halfmarathon, Belarus on September 10, 2017. The participants of the event had the opportunity to test their anti-doping knowledge in a quiz consisting of 10 questions. The participants who successfully completed the quiz received prizes from the National Olympic Committee (NOC) and NADA Belarus. NADA Belarus thanks the Belarus Athletic Federation (BFLA) and our partners OOO "Abronics" (LLC holding of "Slavnaya") for their assistance and support in conducting the anti-doping quiz.

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea:
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